Naya Eleftheriou

In March 2011, I won a commission to create a sculpture for Hill Homes who provide extra care sheltered housing. I designed a sculpture for the atrium in their newest building Trees, located in Highgate.

The sculpture consists of six elements, measuring 3000mmX500mmX500mm each, of overlapping 90 degrees corner panels made out of acrylic, in the three primary colours blue, red and yellow. The sculpture spans the full height of the atrium and runs across the width of the wall in a V formation.

When I first visited Trees, I knew I wanted to create a sculpture that would be a response to the tiered nature of the atrium and the natural light coming through the skylight. The design for the acrylic shapes stems from the theme of perverse architecture in my studio research. Taking the shape of the corner out of context, I have been exploring its qualities and also considered questions of volume, surface and solidity. By using the flatness of the wall my intension was to challenge the space by creating corners where there shouldn't be any. The shadows created by the light infiltrating the perspex reinforce this as they create a subtle echo of the form of the object casting the shadow.

Been Dreaming of Blue Skies, 2011
3000mm x 500mm x 500mm


© Naya Eleftheriou