Naya Eleftheriou

Amore Mio
Park 2010

In parallel to my work in the studio, I've had the opportunity to exhibit a performance in response to Cannizaro Park in 2010. The work I presented at Park that year was a performance of a passionate argument, between the Duke and Duchess of Cannizaro, about their relationship falling apart due to his affair in Italy. The purpose of the performance is to challenge our expectations of what people do and how they behave when they go to a park. The viewer is also invited to think about the issue of trust within marriage and the exposure of private moments in a public space. In the context of situationism, I have attempted to produce a moment in relation to a given place. This organized moment can be seen as a rapture in everyday life. What interests me is what happens when the natural and constructed moment interact.

© Naya Eleftheriou